Does anyone else feel like they lost March to a blur of activity? I'm behind on emails, I'm behind on phone calls, I'm behind on taking time for me, and taking care of some tasks I've been meaning to do for a while. 

Mondays have been hard lately (or harder, when are they not a little rough?!). The warm weather has been mostly coming on the weekends, and they've been relaxed and fun. Monday its back to work, back to hectic days and cold temps and...

But this weekend was really nice. Friday night I went to a "soiree" at my yoga place. Lots of stimulating conversation (about love and society), yummy food and drink. Saturday and Sunday we went for another long walk, did a Frozen sing along at a local library, and had a breakfast and a dinner out.

This week got off to a hectic start, but at least my office is complete, so I can start putting it back together. So hopefully I am one step closer to feeling a little more settled. And today is my work from home day, so at least I got to spend some time on some of those me projects (like sorting through my dresser and closet and cutting the clutter!).

For once I am looking forward to summer with its more relaxed pace and atmosphere. Though I'm sure I'll still be complaining about the heat when it really comes. Remind me how cold I was, won't you?

For now though, back to work. 

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