mighty life list

With the dawning of March, another 101 in 1001 is "complete."  Nope, I didn't actually complete everything on my list. I'm okay with that. I like the goals that 101 helped me complete. I'm ready for a new format though. Enter the Might Life List. I started a Life To Do list a long time ago, when I was newly graduated from college, so a lot of this list, is that list. I'm happy that I can start with some things already checked off. 

This is not an exhaustive list of what I want to do in and with my life. In fact, right now it is rather brief! But it is a list of epic things that I want to cross off at some point (and since there is no "end date," I can add more as I desire!). It contains concrete, easily measurable items... so while I want to laugh with Gwen every day, teach her the true value of her being, and make a lasting difference in this world by helping people (which are infinitely more important life goals then anything here), they aren't being added to the list because they aren't a do/done type item. These are check mark ready items, and I can't wait to see what I can get check off!!

♪  See the Grand Canyon  
♪  Go dog sledding  
♪  Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Again!!
♪  Paint a picture  
♪  Learn another language (Chinese, Welsh, Spanish?) 
♪  Visit Yellowstone and Yosemite.  
♪  Travel to: China (with Travis) – walk on Great Wall, Japan– see a geisha, Ireland – Kiss the Blarney Stone, Scotland, Wales, Italy, Tanzania, Egypt– see the Pyramids, France - explore the catacombs 
♪  Drive cross country
♪  Go Llama trekking in Hoover Wilderness Area (CA) – Aug. 
♪  Obtain a good job which satisfies me.   
♪  Learn yoga   
♪  Buy our “forever” home.    
♪  Be completely debt free (no mortgage, car or student loans)  
♪  Skydive!
♪  Be a surrogate.
♪  Sit at the 50 yard line for an Eagles game. And/or Go to a Super Bowl.    
♪  Visit all fifty states:  
Alabama                      Alaska                         Arizona 
Arkansas                     California                   Colorado *
Connecticut                 Delaware                   District of Columbia 
Florida                        Georgia                       Hawaii
Idaho                           Illinois                         Indiana
Iowa                            Kansas                         Kentucky
Louisiana                     Maine                          Maryland
Massachusetts             Michigan                     Minnesota
Mississippi                   Missouri                      Montana
Nebraska                     Nevada                      New Hampshire
New Jersey                New Mexico               New York 
North Carolina            North Dakota              Ohio
Oklahoma                    Oregon                       Pennsylvania *
Rhode Island              South Carolina            South Dakota
Tennessee                   Texas                           Utah
Vermont                      Virginia                       Washington
West Virginia              Wisconsin                    Wyoming

♪  Swim with dolphins, and sting rays! 

What mighty things do you want to do?


Leave me some love!
~ Meegs