sore and tired and satisfied

Nicer things... like outdoor
time this past weekend.
Its been quiet here, huh? The same excuses as always, but so particularly true right now. We are repainting and recarpeting everything at work starting next week, and changing a weird dead space between two offices into an office of its own. My door will be moving from that space to the hallway, leaving my office with the same amount of room, but a different configuration. We are also rearranging about half the people to better utilize the space we have. To prepare, we have to box everything, clear all the walls, and are MAJORLY decluttering.

It is great, and when it is done it will be like working in a new office!

In the meantime, it is also exhausting. My coworker and I took 7 cartloads of old files, books, boxes, and other junk to the building basement today. That means lifting all those things onto the cart, dragging it down, then unloading everything and going back up to do it again. This isn't counting the countless boxes that we have lifted and shifted but are keeping. We have at least another half dozen trips to make, I imagine. I have cleared a half dozen filing cabinets, shifted an arsenal of old electronics to be e-cycled tomorrow (3 computers, 3 TVs, 4 printers, and 2 boxes full of speakers, keyboards, mice, channel changers, etc!), and boxed up all of my books and pictures. I still have so much to do, not only in my office, but in the 3 other offices I'm working on.

I am physically tired, and oh so sore. A combination of paper cuts, scrapes, and cuts from the above makes me look like I arm wrestled a particularly grumpy cap. But its a satisfying sense of exhaustion, I must say.

We also have two events this week, including one I get to work late for on Thursday. I think I'm going to sleep all day this coming Saturday!

Not to say its been all work and no play. We did have a nice weekend! Saturday was spent in the woods, and Sunday we went to see the Curling National Championship! Definitely something different, and a lot of fun.

Today Gwen had a well-timed snow day, since she woke with a cold, so it was a good day for sleeping in a relaxing. Back to school for her tomorrow though.

And that, my friends, is about it! Lots of work, some play, good things to come! I'll pop in as much as I can this week!

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