bruises and yoga poses and walks in the sun

I'm so glad this past week is over. I'm extra glad its the weekend now, and a quiet one at that. The 50* sunny weather, a beautiful added bonus.

The build on the office started Thursday, and they are starting the painting over the weekend. I sorted, packed, trashed, lifted, collected, and boxed more items then I can count. Dozens of boxes, a dozen filing cabinets worth; most covered with a coating of dust, some of it literally a 1/2" thick. Many days up to 6 of the 8 hours spent at the task... a far cry from my normal 6+ hours in front of a computer. It was exhausting and tiring and I amassed a collection of bruises (only a few of which are shown here)...

But honestly, when it was finally all said and done on Friday, it was so immensely satisfying, and I have to say, a nice break from the norm. I cannot wait to see our hard work paid off.

Today (Saturday), I slept in a lot while Trav and Gwen went grocery shopping, then we hung out at home, did so many loads of laundry, relaxed, and did some yoga (Gwen busied herself by climbing on me and taking a series of "artistically laid out" pictures of me I'll call, "Yoga: Poses in Abstract Blurriness."

We also had to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. The four of us took a walk, Gwen getting a ride for half of it after a fall and a scraped knee.

I didn't mind.  :-)

Tomorrow we are heading to Ro and Pat's so the girls can run around outside to wear each other out, and we can get in some time with our besties. Then its back to the grind!

More posting this week, promise!

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