end of the week exhale

I can't get the smell of paint out of my nose, and I can't quite shake the the discombobulation I'm feeling from the second I step into our office until the time I turn off Gwen's light at night to rub her back for a few minutes. Its weird having everything boxed and stacked and just not set up. I'm taking on a bunch of new responsibilities at work, a promotion I suppose, and I think the timing of it all is getting to me. More things to do, half the stuff I need is boxed. I feel rushed and distracted and I can't tell you how grateful I am for the schedule feature on blogger. Its what brought you 3 of the posts this week, and gave me a little peace of mind since I didn't have to feel like I was "abandoning" my little corner of the internet.

Sorry, I didn't come here to complain, really! So lets talk about good things!

Yoga: I got back to class on Tuesday for the first time since Disney, and it felt so good. I missed the people, I missed the teacher, I missed the community feel of the class. I definitely felt my absence (shaky legs), but I felt really good too. Thankfully I had been doing some at home, though I need to pick up my home practice again. I've fallen off there too.

New HP hoodies... also a happy maker!
Weather: Did you know spring is less then a week away (the 20th)! I so grateful that the weather is starting to reflect that. While yesterday was heinously cold again (the wind chill in the morning was 2*), the warmth has been starting to ease in. We had a day in the high 60s earlier this week, and the general trend seems to be a bigger upward swing for every downward one. It is so welcome after this hellish winter!

Yumminess: I discovered the vanilla honey steamer at a place nearby and my life is changed. So so so good. Lets pretend that the sugar content isn't through the roof. But if I limit it to twice a week, then I'm okay, right?

Weekend happiness: Gwen and I are headed up to my parent's this weekend for a hair appointment and some quality time together. We always look forward to these days. Its a nice relaxing time together for all of us.

As I mentioned above, my work frazzledness has been hanging out after I leave. I try to relax, but its hard to just let go when I am often rushing to the train, then rushing to get dinner ready so we can get Gwen to bed at a decent hour. But after all that is done, when Gwen is in bed, covered, and I'm turning off the lights to rub her back for a little, maybe tell her a story, maybe just sit together or have a snuggle... well then I can finally breathe. I can exhale it all out. After that, the rest of the evening is relaxed and peaceful. Thankfully since today is Friday, that exhale can last for a few days!

Hope you have happy things to keep you smiling this weekend!

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