a million miles away

This past weekend Gwen and I headed up to my parent's place. My mom and I went to get our hair done, Gwen hung out with Papa, then we all spent some time together.

Life stresses always seem a million miles away when I'm up there. Its that comfort of home feeling, combine with the fact that we're always there to relax, or at most to have a hair appointment. Not taxing stuff. I love that. Its a lovely break from work stress, from life commitments, and from chores.

And its super lovely watching my parents and Gwen together.  :-)  This past weekend Nonnie and Gwen snuggled up on a chair and read together. And I know she had fun eating pizza with Papa.

Plus, I got some purple hair out of it too. What's not to love about all that.

Sunday was lazy too. We took a walk to the (closed, oops) library, then picked up a milkshake to take home and enjoy while watching a movie. Trav took Gwen over to the tennis courts to ride her tric while I did some chores. It was a relaxing day.

Now we're back to the grind, and I'll admit, I'm a little stuck lately, a broken record. I don't want to just keep coming in here to tell you how busy I am. How crazy things are. How it snowed again and I hate it, oh please just let spring come already!

But I don't want radio silence either.

The blog window has been sitting open all day just waiting for a chance to update and the words to come. Then I remembered how nice my weekend felt. Its amazing how far away that seems on only a Tuesday. Ah well, we just keep trucking on, right?

It will calm down soon. It will.

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