always is and always will be... until its not

The Saturday before we left, Gwen and I (with my brother and Elise in tow) went up to my parents place for my last hair appointment before the move. As we always have; as I thought we always would!

I know I'm a broken record lately, but its just so surreal to me, all these things I won't do again. As you read this we have already started with our "firsts," but today let me talk about a few more "lasts."

It was a fun trip though. For once my only consideration was what I wanted to do with my hair. No concerns about what work would think. It was very freeing! So I went for it.

Cut and full on color.

Unlike normal, we didn't hang out for too long afterwards, but that was because we had big things yet to do. Instead we hopped in the car and jetted back down to my place, with my mom following in her car. We dropped Gwen off, then headed out so that Ethan, my mom, and I could all do something a little crazy together.

(My dad will be getting his soon.)

I love it. So much.

The symbolism behind this particular tattoo is so important my family. But the fact that I share this tattoo with my family, mean even more. I will look at this often when I'm missing them.

What a perfect final weekend before heading to Colorado...


  1. This is really a wonderful post.

  2. I was writing a post about semicolon tattoos on my blog and found your post. It is really heartwarming. Stay blessed!


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