Things About Colorado

There are so many things different here, not everything is different because it's Colorado, some things are just different because we moved. However, here are just a few of the things that I'm noticing lately:

1. Time: 
I suddenly have so much. A lot more of it is full of Gwen time (kindergarten is only half-day), which we're enjoying, but some of it is just mine. 

One morning after I walked Gwen to school, it was so lovely out that I decided I couldn't just stay inside. I made a mug of hot chocolate, and sat on my balcony. I could feel fall hovering in the morning air. 

(We don't have furniture out there yet, so Daisy graciously lent me her dog bed...) 

Its not all sitting around enjoy a crisp morning... there are about a million things I'm still trying to get done/figure out, but suddenly there is time for that.

2. A slower pace: 
Our days before felt like sprints that became marathons halfway through. We got up, we ran to get ready, we left for work and school, we go go go'ed all day, then came home where we immediately jumped into the evening routine. Repeat.

These days we don't even have to set the alarm. Daisy wakes Trav, he takes her for a walk, comes back and gets ready. Gwen wakes us around 7a.m.; I help her get dressed and get her something to eat. I eat something myself and throw on some clothes. Trav leaves for work. Gwen and I relax and play. At 8:15ish we leave and enjoy a nice walk to the school. Gwen goes in with her class and I walk home. I do some yoga, unpack some boxes, take a shower, and run some errands. At 11:20ish I head out to walk to the school to pick Gwen up. We walk home, eat lunch, play for a bit, do some homework, then play some more. We run errands together. When we both need a break, she watches something on the Kindle. Repeat until dinnertime around 6ish (give or take if Trav's running late). Bath or a little more playtime, then we get Gwen ready, I read her some Harry Potter (we're on book 2 now), and then she's off to bed.

There is so much room in that schedule for give and take. There is so much room for relaxation and play. Its lovely.

3. Loneliness: 
I'm not going to lie... I am a bit lonely right now. 

Trav goes to work and spends the day with people. Gwen goes to school where she is making new friends. I'm home. Missing people.

Making new friends as an adult is difficult anyway, and since so much of the past few weeks has been spend getting us settled, unpacked, and used to our new (amazing) schedule... well, I've felt a little stuck. 

I'm hoping for the best though, now that I'm getting back into yoga classes.

4. The Sun, oh boy, the Sun: 
Lord Almighty, the sun here is intense. 

We are closer, the air is thinner, and we are still getting used to all that. I've gotten much tanner over the past few weeks! 

5. New Place, New Routines: 
It is so very much easier to form new good habits, when you are in a completely new environment, especially when all routines are changing. Since I'm not currently working and because Gwen is in Kindergarten, I've been able to build on things I had been trying to make into habits, like a home yoga practice. Since we started fresh food-wise, I've been able to clean up my diet a lot. Since Gwen and I walk to school everyday, she's getting in a half mile and I'm getting in a mile each day. 

In things that weren't previously on my radar, a little something my brother said in passing the other weekend, has become a wonderful evening routine for me. Now I stop using the computer or my phone after 9. I brew a cup of tea and read my book for the last hour or so before bed. Its been a great way to get in some reading and unwind at the end of the day. 

6. The Mountains: 
They are an ever looming presence. Not in a bad way, you'll come over a rise and boom, The Rockies! 

They are gorgeous and we can wait to spend time on them.

Gwen and I are a bit obsessed with them right now. Which is good, because this is our view everyday! 

We have so much more to discover!


  1. Welcome to Colorado!! Feel free to reach out any time if you want to get a cup of coffee or go on a hike. I'd love to meet you sometime!

    1. Thanks so much Salina! I'd love to meet you too, we will do something!


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