I posted Gwen's first day of school picture on Wednesday, but you know I couldn't leave it at that.

Its so crazy to me... my girl, my baby (no matter how old she gets!), A Kindergartner!

Gwen was nervous, she didn't want to get out of bed that morning; and when she did, she chose her summer camp shirt (from her daycare/preschool). It was her lucky charm, her bit of strength from "home." We walked to school, met her teacher, and saw her new classroom. Then we headed outside to wait in line with the rest of the class. She looked so unsure of herself standing in line there that it broke my heart more then a little. I smiled encouragingly at her, bit my cheek, and held it together until she walked in the doors.

Then I walked home crying.

Gwenie is sweet, silly, fun, and friendly. I knew that she would make friends very soon, but I really wanted that first day to go well. My girl also marches along to the beat of her own drum, and I don't ever want anyone to dampen that or make her feel bad for that.

Thankfully day one went well.

What a milestone. It feels so grown up, my girl is in school.

Each day has been better and easier for her. She already has some kids she's friendly with, and I'm sure she will have real friends very soon. She is actually enjoying homework and picking up sight words. She's settling into her routine, and we have so much more time together.

Day One might have been scary for her and a little hard on this Mama's heart, but we're both feeling good about it now. I have the strong feeling that I'm going to really get to watch my girl blossom this year.


  1. Hey I can understand the first day of baby at preschool. When my baby went to Phoenix kindergarten, she was also very nervous on first day and now she is used to go there for hours and play there happily.


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