yoga with a mountain view

Gwen has done 10 days of school (counting today). Trav 2 weeks of work. The boxes are mostly unpacked. We are getting organized and adjusted. We've purchased some small things to make our space work (second largest Ikea in the country - 10 minutes away!).

I've even done my first Colorado yoga class! 

I was more nervous for that class then I think I'd been for a normal yoga class since my very first. Its hard to go do something you love in a completely new place, wondering how you're going to "stack up." Wondering how it will compare. Well, class was great. I still miss my old school in PA, but I found one that is hard enough to push me (especially as I'm still adjusting to the air up here!), though not so hard that I don't feel good doing it. Better yet, the school has a more advanced class option as well. So if I feel like this class isn't enough anymore after a few months, I can move up.

Maybe the best part of all of that... the mountain view, sun setting behind it, as I start my practice.

There is so much to adjust to here. So much new and different (more on that later). But on my mat, things feel the same.

We aren't completely settled in yet, but we are getting there.

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