First Visitors

Last week, Babs and her fabulous boyfriend, Keil, came to visit us for the week and be our first guests. It was amazing. A fun distraction, and a dose of "home."

Gwen had school, so it was a low-key week. They would walk Gwen to school with me in the mornings, then head to the gym or back to the apartment. I might run errands (with or without company). Babs and I had some alone talk for talking.

There might have been a morning snuggle or two. (Gwen was more then a little obsessed with Keil!). 

Keil made us ceviche one night, which was amazing. They got me to go to the gym. Thursday night they joined me for yoga. Friday afternoon we headed to Red Rocks to hike around and show them the view.

Then all too soon it was Saturday, and it was time to head to the airport.

I can't tell you what it meant to have my girl here. There's been some loneliness lately, and it was nice to have the company during the day, not to mention the distraction for Gwen. I can't wait for our next visitors!

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