Take a Hike

One of Gwen's first requests when she saw the Rocky Mountains looming in the distance was that, "Mom, can we please hike on that?!" I was definitely not going to say no!!

So I found a great website, looked up a few options, and the first chance we got, we chose one to head out to. My first requirement was I wanted great vistas and views... plus not too trying for our first hike at high altitude.

We chose Red Rocks Park. It fit all our requirements, and it's a Colorado staple!

First we hiked up to see the amphitheater, then went on the actual trail through the park.

The views were amazing! 

The blue skies, green vegetation, and red rocks made for an amazing palate.

We went down the trail, then turned around and hiked back up. We could definitely feel the altitude on the way back up!

It was well worth the exertion though. It is gorgeous there. I can't wait to get to attend a concert or event there!

And I definitely can't wait to hike more of Colorado's gorgeous mountains!!

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