Break Time, Take 2

Gwen went on break the week of Christmas, and she doesn't go back until the 26th. This is her second big break, and while the first one we went traveling, this time we were staying home. Groupon became my friend before break-time, and I picked up vouchers for rollerskating and the planetarium. I signed her up for swim lessons, something I've been meaning to do for a while, and now was the perfect time. I scheduled dentist visits, and a vet visit for Daisy.

Portrait of a vet visit.

With break falling after Christmas, I knew we would have new toys to play with and new movies to watch, but I didn't want to have too many days with all downtime. So carefully spaced activities were the name of the game!

So far, its been going... well probably better then I expected, though maybe not as well as I hoped! Really, its been good. We've had some moments of just too much together time, but overall its been going pretty well. We have some rules in place about TV time which are helpful for both of us, and Gwen has grown fond of dance parties.

There are other difficulties. Yoga for example... right now I've adjusted to going to class in the evening instead of the mornings. But next week I start yoga teacher training, so we'll have to readjust again. We'll make it work.

Two more weeks and she'll be back to school, our routine will be back to something more normal, and she'll have her normal school outlet. And I also got myself a Groupon. A mani/pedi, being scheduled for her first week back!

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