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Last year I put 6050 miles on my car, from big trips alone. Not counting runs to the store or my 2-mile round trip daily ride to the train for (pre-CO) work; not even counting trips to my parents or trips down to DC. We traveled to Ohio for my nephew's birthday, I went to Wanderlust in Vermont, we went to Cape Cod, and then there was our drive out to Colorado, and Gwen and my epic school break journey.

I loved it. All of it.

(I know I hit 111,111 miles during our adventure trip... aka 11,111 miles in about 10 months.)

I am a wanderer. I am a homebody. I need that stable place to call my own, and I need to travel away from it. Regularly.

This year is shaping up to be another amazing, exciting, throw the miles on there year.  And I cannot wait.

Gwen has another break in April, and we'll take a long weekend to drive to California to visit Babs and Keil (2200 miles RT). At the end of June I head to Wanderlust Aspen.

And fingers cross, if all goes as planned, July will see us taking a pretty epic ~4200 miles (RT) road trip! I took an hour the other day to plot out a route each way and pick places to camp. I can't tell you how badly I want this trip, with its opportunity to travel through 13 states, including crossing 3 new states off my list.

In other exciting/terrifying news a little closer on the calendar... I just signed on to volunteer doula for a woman in need this coming March. I'll be taking the team approach for this birth, since I'll be in the middle of yoga teacher training, and will split available days with another doula. This will be my first official doula birth!!

This year! It really is shaping up to be amazing.

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