Swim Leasons

Gwen has loved the water for a long time. Pools, oceans, lakes, rivers... she's ready and willing to jump into any body of water she can find! Between swimming with us on Cape Cod, and some early swim lessons when she was a toddler, she is very comfortable in the water... and got by pretty well as long as she was wearing her floaty.

But Trav and I both love swimming, and we wanted to help her push past the floaty, to be able to swim -- really swim -- on her own. Not only for the sake of fun during vacations, but also for the sake of safety, taking a yearly vacation to a house that has a dock on a lake!

Until now though we found both schedule and pricing to be prohibitive. We were either signing on for something that would take up every single weekend, or having to pay Y-fees that were a little outrageous.

Aurora though, has a pretty great program with reduced pricing for residents... no extra fee required!

They also have afternoon/early evening lessons that work great for us now with Gwen's school schedule. And they are twice a week, meaning more bang for our buck, and better progression.

This initial session is 4-weeks long, and she has already made so much progress with being able to swim with her face underwater, and propel herself without a flotation device (not pictured here... ironically).

She's also loving it so much, and is asking about the next lesson as soon as one is over!
We'll definitely be looking to sign her up for the next session as well.

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