Random Thoughts in January

Taking down the Christmas decorations kind of stinks. Its just no fun having to take everything down and pack it up, for starters, but even more so, once the decorations are gone its no longer so festive... its just cold! Winter is definitely not my favorite time of year. (Though having that space back is nice!)

Someone posted something a few weeks ago, wondering why A Christmas Story (and its red rider bb gun) was such a hit... why certain channels play it over and over on Christmas Day. I don't know why that stuck in my head for so long, but I think I finally figured it out. Its a tradition for my family, as I'm sure its become for many, to turn on that movie at some point during the day, and enjoy it in the background for at least a full movie viewing. Leading up to Christmas there are a million movies we watch about the thankfulness, the giving, the cheer, and the togetherness of the holidays. These are such important things to emphasize about what can unfortunately become a very commercial holiday. But when all is said and done, on Christmas day its nice to watch a movie that emphasizes normal family weirdness! Yes, enjoy the deep and holy and sacred about the day... but this movie finally gives us permission, day of, to just be a normal family too, with all the fantastically unique bizarreness that contains.

At least that's my probably overly analytical take on it.

January has been passing by so quickly already; here I am still talking about Christmas, when the month is half gone. So much normality, though with the added stressor of an extra long school break (more on that later). I can't believe that its only a few days over a month until Gwen's birthday. Her big present is definitely going to be a Lego table/organizer of some sort to makes sense of her Christmas presents. I'm drowning in Legos over here.

Only a tiny part of the carnage.

Before that though, we have a visit from a college girlfriend and a visit from my in-laws.

Other completely random things:

- The reading for doula certification and for yoga teacher training is mostly fascinating, and obviously about topics I love... but holy smokes, I cannot wait until May(?) when I can finally pick up a fiction book again! And just. read. for. fun! I have quite the pile built up.

- That whole simplify and balance thing I'm hoping for in 2016, I hope that won't have to wait until May too.

- I need a sugar detox after December, I really do.

- SouleMama and Charlotte of Rebel Heart make me want to really buckle down and get good at sewing, and relearn knitting.

What's on your mind this January? 

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