Planetarium Fun

Gwen and I recently took a trip to the Fiske Planetarium up in Boulder. I am in awe of stars, planets, and the cosmos in general (the miniseries was amazing!), so when I saw the groupon I had to snap it up! I would love to pass on my fascination to her!

We hit up a show that was half "look at how cool the stars are" and half lasers with holiday music. I figured it would be a good combination that would keep her entertained. 

I may have overestimated things... Ha!

I definitely enjoyed things more then Gwen did, though she liked the lasers. She complained that she wanted more planets (less stars), and I think all the names and types of stars were a little over her head.

I'm not giving up though! I will find a more planet-heavy show, maybe try the planetarium in the Nature and Science museum... but maybe I'll wait a few months first!

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