Fresh Set of Days

2015 turned out so differently then I could have ever imagined.

Its started off with birthing a beautiful surro-baby (a little earlier then expected!), and ended with us living 1700 miles away from everything we'd ever known! Unexpected indeed!

2015 was hard and wonderful, it was exciting and exhausting. It was life changing, to be honest.

I won't say that I will even hazard a guess at all 2016 will hold, I know better now! But I do know that with yoga teacher training, and finishing my doula certification, it is bound to be full, busy, and wonderful. Probably a bit stressful too! I'm already so excited for everything ahead.

Quite simply, I cannot wait to see how 2016 shapes up!

I look forward to finding balance in this new life of ours; to continuing to simplify, organize, and adjust.

Last night we stayed home to ring in the New Year. The Christmas decoration are still up (probably take them down this weekend) and there was still that magical festive feel to it all.
It was quiet and comfortable. Trav and I drank some champagne, Gwen had her fancy glass with water. We missed our New Years nights with Ro, Pat, and the girls, but it felt appropriate to ring in the New Year with just our little family.

I hope it was a great night for you, and that you are looking forward to a beautiful year ahead.  

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