A Car is Just A Car, But...

Mid-September, on a random weekend when Trav was working, Gwen and I decided to drive down to the Farmer's Market and do a little browsing. Everything was going great. Until it wasn't.


Don't worry. We're fine. But my sweet Angie, not so much. Totaled. 

I know that its just a car... but I've had this car for 11 years and she was my baby! Its the car that drove us to Cape Cod and back countless times, the car that brought home Daisy for the first time, and cocooned Gwen as a baby. It drove us cross-country 3 times, and on countless road trips. She's quirky, but I know her quirks!

I miss my parade of dancing cows...

She was the perfect size, comfortably broken in, and happily paid off!
In the end, it is just a car. But I loved that car, and I miss her.

Farewell, Angie.  :-(

That said, this girl is shaping up to be the silver-lining in this whole mess: 

Meet Rhonwen!

I will say that the 4WD and the extra space for travel essentials is pretty nice. There's never a good time or place for something like this to happen, but I'm just happy that its all over with and I can start getting to know my new girl.

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