Oh, I do get a happy tingle just typing that! October has and always will be my favorite month of the year. Its the beginning of my favorite holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas), the month of our anniversary, and of course, happily situated at the perfect height of Autumn. This October is shaping up to be a pretty wonderful one too.

While we have some big wonderful things planned for this month (trip for our 10th wedding anny! with corresponding visit from my parents), there is also a little slowing going on. Last month started with a big trip. I was at the height of trying to get my own yoga classes off the ground, while completing all the steps to become a sub for the city rec centers for the city we live in, trying to get find more doula clients, and starting with a position that will become an on-call doula situation once I'm certified. I had a vendor's table at my apartment's expo (with 40 other vendors!). It was good, and a bit overwhelming. We also had a car accident to deal with, which was not so fun, and definitely overwhelming!

So slowing, slowing is the name of the game for me this month. I want to have lazy days at home with my family, baking special treats, going for walks with the dog. We'll curl up to watch movies, and head out for some hikes. I want to be slow enough to appreciate each changing leaf, and each degree of chill that gets added to the air. Visit more farmers markets, buy the end of season honey, and ripe, heavy pumpkins. I want more Friday mornings on my balcony, drinking hot tea and reading a good book. The crisp pages under my fingers, soft puppy fur laying across my feet.

We'll see how the month plays out. Things have a way of sneaking up on us, but my intention is set!

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