Semi-Wordless Wednesday {This and That}

Some random pictures to share:

My 70lb lap dog! She crawled up here while we watched Gwen play at a local playground.

I may have killed my container garden... but that doesn't mean I'm not making big plans for when we eventually have a yard!!

My girlfriend has a screen and projector setup in her backyard for movie nights! We headed over there for The Good Dinosaur a few weekends ago. Its so much fun!

What outdoor movie night is complete without glow necklaces?!

Walking home from an evening event at Gwen's school one night... under some gorgeous skies!

My silly girl!

I had to get a new case, as my almost daily dropping had finally done my old case in.
I love the new one!

Hello Friend.

The mountains are officially snow capped! Welcome to Autumn in Colorado!

Sweet snuggle bugs!

She really is a Saint. Love my Bubba!

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