Not-So-Wordless Wednesday {On the Rougher Side of Nature}

One thing I didn't talk about from our visit to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons was the fires. Because of multiple lightning started fires, and hot, dry weather leading up to our visit, we had full fire restrictions in effect while there: meaning no fires of any kind anywhere in the park (including campfires). They were already battling/controlling fires consuming thousands of acres, and the road the we took to get to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons had been closed for a week, reopening only 3 days prior! 

It was very surreal driving up the road and seeing beautiful full trees on one side, and burned out trunks on the other.

More fires were actually sparked by the storm we experienced while in the Grand Tetons on Sunday! And we could smell the smoke strongly while driving through each time.

Thankfully we never felt anything other then safe in the park, plus Gwen and I had some great talks about the life cycle of forests, but it was pretty crazy getting this closer view of the rougher side of Mother Nature.

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