Beginning of the Fun

Today is Halloween, the first of my three favorite holidays! Its a chance to explore the scary or macabre, to enjoy our darker sides, and of course, eat candy. You get to dress up and be, just for a day (or weekend), anyone you want to be. Plus, with this day, I know that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. So much festiveness and celebration!

Last year, Thanksgiving was rather rough. That holiday, more then any other, is one that has always been about family to me... and last year we were alone. This year, Trav was on top of it though, and we are now looking forward to a visit from his parents to help us celebrate! I'm so excited to have family here, so excited for a little extra joy and celebration during such a family focused time. So excited for a giant turkey too.

Of course there are still moments here. But I'm anticipating the holidays here this year in a way that I wasn't last year. Festive and fun, I can't wait for all the next few months bring!

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