Yoga "Teaching"

Way back in June I found myself making the trek to a great little women's collective about 40 minutes NE of us. They were a brand new place, just starting to grab teachers, artists, and instructors to add to their space. I hit it off with the sweet owner, and that's how I found myself with two yoga classes to call my own in mid-August.

The space was new (and beautiful!), and all of its classes were new, meaning we were starting from zero. Its hard starting something up, but rather nice when you can help shape and mold things into what you dream of. At the beginning, it was not so much classes as hanging out in the studio space during class times! I did get extra work done, and reading, and class writing.

They say that it takes about 6 weeks to really establish a new class, and even longer with a new place. That definitely seemed to be true. Things were building behind the scenes, but in person it was still minimal to nothing. 

Late September I got the news that the whole operation was going to be ending soon. The owner and her family were being led back to Florida, so all classes were being canceled, and they would only be holding a few events for their remaining time in the studio space. Obviously this was not the experience I was expecting, but it was a learning experience nonetheless.

Since then, I have been working to gain some private clients, subbing for the city rec centers (I subbed 4 times in 2 days recently, so they are keeping me busy), and decide what kind of classes I'd like to pursue elsewhere. I can't wait to see where my yoga teaching goes next.


  1. Proud of you girl keep following your dreams to me it what makes you awesome!

    1. Thanks so much. Seriously, this is great to read.


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