2017 Wedding #1 - A Trip Back East

I was so honored to be a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my girlfriends from high school this past weekend. Cassie asked me to be a bridesmaid almost two years ago, when they first got engaged, so this has been a much anticipated weekend! 

I think I unlocked my expert level packing badge...
That bag holds 5 days of clothes, a bridesmaids dress, 2 books, and 5 magazines!

Thursday morning we woke like normal, got Gwen all ready, then Trav drove us to Gwen's school. I gave her all the extra hugs, then when she went in, it was off to the airport! 

Its always so surreal being in Pennsylvania! I definitely made the most of my trip. Thursday night neighbor Joe picked me up from the airport, drove me back to the old neighborhood, where I was able to get a glimpse of the old house before borrowing one of his old cars and heading off! The rehearsal had been that night, but I got in too late to make it. Instead I headed straight for Cassie's Mom's house where they were having the rehearsal dinner. A little bit of visiting, then it was off to my parent's to settle in.

Friday was an all about Cas day. She didn't want anything crazy, and didn't really want the traditional parties, but instead just wanted to enjoy some time with her bridesmaids.

We did mani-pedis first, then hit up the Continental Midtown for food. That was a sweet familiar treat for me... their Lobster Mac is the stuff of my dreams!

We walked around the city a little after that (I bumped into an old coworker!), then headed to Painting with a Twist.

After that we headed back up to the Lehigh Valley. The whole day was a lot of fun, and Cassie was happy... so, success!

Saturday was a free day of sorts. So I hit up one of my old yoga studios in the morning, and headed into my old neighborhood for lunch with Joe and fam, and our other neighbor Kathy. After that it was back up to my parents for our only evening/dinner together!

I will never tire of this view...

It was great to just relax with them and eat a nice dinner.

Sunday was wedding day!

We gathered at the beautiful Bally Spring Inn to get ready together. Unfortunately it was too chilly and drizzly for the outdoor wedding they'd originally planned, but the day was still wonderful!

At the bride's request... yoga in a bridesmaid's dress!
They had a quick, beautiful ceremony and handfasting. The bride and groom cried, so I cried. 😊 Then the weather cleared enough for some outdoor pictures, before we headed into another of their gorgeous buildings for the reception.

Cas looked gorgeous... and my shoes were amazing.  HA!

(L: Cassie - the bride, and one of our other good friends from high school, Sebrina.
R: The bridesmaids!)

There was good food, a gorgeous cake, dancing, and lots of laughing! I was a little worried since I really only knew the Bride and Groom and one other friend, but it was a great night.

It was a gorgeous evening as we wrapped up the night - no one really wanted to wrap things up. They had a game room that we spent some time in, then it was time for me to drive back to my parent's under this gorgeous moon! Thankfully sans rain at this point!

Monday dawned slowly for me. But it picked up with a quick visit with Ro and Casey at a park, followed by coffee with Apoc, and then back-to-back yoga classes at my other old studio!

Tuesday it was time to get ready to head home. I returned the car to Joe, took the mile walk to the train station and headed into the city. My coffee date for the morning was sick, so I headed into the park to enjoy the sun and a little bit of movement!

Lunch was with my Tally-le (at The Dandelion, mmmm), and I managed to squeeze in a quick visit with my Mama Jan before heading to the airport.

The flight can be a little long, but it was pretty uneventful other then a little bit of winds as we were landing. I was back home just in time to kiss Gwenie goodnight!

One more week and I do it all again!

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