Sickness and Broad Paint Strokes

I rarely write about things just as they happen (and this is no exception!). Ever since I took a month-long break from blogging just over 2 years - and a lifetime - ago, I switched from writing and instantly publishing 4-5 days a week, to prescheduling 99% of my 3 posts a week (minus the really big trips/events). I love this way of doing things almost all of the time. It makes things so much less stressful with my hugely varied schedule. I know things are going out regularly, and it makes it so much easier to post about things other then just our day-to-day doings. I've been really loving the chance to write some vignettes lately, in fact.

But - the part I don't like about it is exactly that! Sometimes I miss just posting about our normal days, as they go down. Now I paint stories in broad brushstrokes, but it can be hard to post about exquisite details when something isn't even going to go live for a week or two (or more depending on how much time I've had for writing). How do I writing about the chilly April mornings, how the sun is already starting to warm things, but the cool air still creeps into our pants legs and brushes along our ankles... when I know that you'll be reading it in the heat of May?

Still, I'm trying to embrace more of the mundane, because I love ready that stuff on other people's blogs, and I want to read it here.


In mid-April Gwen caught a little bit of blurgh. It thankfully seemed to pass quickly, but it was yet another episode of "the best laid plans," with me having a full list of items I planned to attend to that day (and the next, because of a fever in the nurses office, she was off then too!). It was to be my first real low-key day with nothing planned, a chance to catch up after the insane week I'd had just prior. I had, at least, checked off the two most important items from my list. That morning was spent working on organizing my doula certification packet - checking and rechecking that I had everything on the list - so that when I had the last few items in hand (a reference and an evaluation that I was waiting for), I could pop it in the mail ASAP.

[tangent] Did I tell you I did my last certifying birth? Better late then never, my dears, it felt good! I originally was supposed to do a birth in January, starting my year off with the completion of my requirements... but alas, that match was not meant to be (no reflection on the woman or myself, it was a volunteer match job and she decided never mind!). It left me a bit kurfuffled at the time though because I was ready to complete this stage and move on to just being certified! Things work out though, and now I have another birth scheduled for end of June/beginning of July. What do you know! [/tangent]

Anyway, I'd also written my yoga classes for the following week; a "to do" with a strict timeline!

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With those things done, and my poor girl laying pitifully on the couch next to me, I let go of my list for the time being and cracked open a neglected magazine to read while being a warm presence next to my sick one. It was actually rather nice. My warm being a comfort to her, when there was not much else I could offer; her presence an excuse to just stop for a little. Yes, there are things to do, but my daughter is way more important then the toilet that needs to be cleaned.


As you read this, I'm actually in Pennsylvania, which I'll write more about later... but yet another bonus of my pre-scheduling practice. I'm away, and we still get to chat.  🙂

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