Summer Vacation

Friday was Gwen's last day of school, her last day of First Grade. Now the summer vacation officially starts!

Gwen was both happy and sad... she really, really loved her teacher and class this year, so she was not so excited to leave them. She is definitely looking forward to our apartment pool being open though. I'm not going to lie, I'm equal parts excited and nervous!

Her summer vacation is actually not that long, just over 2 months, as she goes back to school August 14th; but that is 11 weeks of the two of us spending a LOT of time together! Ha. That said, 3.5 of those weeks will be spent traveling back and forth to the East Coast (mid-July to early-August), and the last week will be spent preparing for school. June is the majority of the time that we'll be kicking it together 24/7, but I have a plan for that too!

Starting next week I'm working on planning play dates... one day a week, have a friend of hers over, and one day a week, I drop Gwen off with a friend! I'm very excited about this as I think Gwen will love it, and it really gives me 2 days off a week. One day where, yes, I'm in charge of two kiddos - but they always entertain themselves so much better with a friend around; and another day where I have a few hours of not being responsible for anyone!

Talking that all out, I'm feeling more excited then nervous suddenly. There is a lot of fun stuff to come in the next few months, and while I'm sure we'll have days of watching too many movies (and driving each other absolutely crazy), I think it will be a fun summer indeed!

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