2017 Wedding #2 - A Family Affair

Two weeks after I flew to Pennsylvania for Cassie's wedding, I was back on the East Coast for my cousin Brendan's!

Here I go again...

This time it was a red eye, which is always exhausting, but you do get to watch the sun rise from 39,000 feet!

Plus then I had the whole day ahead of me!

I took the train out in the direction of my parents. They picked me up, we ate some lunch, then we were on our way to the beach! We settled into our AirB&B place in Cape May Courthouse (if you ever need a rec for a place near Avalon, let me know... this place was fabulous!), Ethan and Elise arrived that afternoon, and it was so damn good to see them.

We spend much of the day just relaxing and catching up, but that evening was the first wedding event. The Welcome Cocktails were at The Reeds in Stone Harbor. They had another wedding's after party going on at the same time. Ethan and I made a new friend, who really wanted to take a selfie with us (we weren't taking selfies at the time...), and honestly, she fit right in.  😂

The sunset I was actually trying to get a picture of was pretty lovely too.

The thing I'm most excited about with two of my weddings this year, are that they are for cousins on opposite sides of the family. So I'm going to get to catch up with everyone this year! Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, family friends... I talked to them all! Plus, the fun of new family.

Saturday was the actual wedding, but it wasn't until the evening. So we did lunch some family, Ethan and I did some yoga, we read and relaxed. Finally it was time to get ready and head out. The wedding was on the beach, and despite being a little windy and chilly, it was beautiful.

My cousins, and brother's of the groom...

There was a happy hour to follow, then we headed into the ballroom for dinner and dancing.

The whole thing was beautiful and fun!

Sunday we woke up, got ready, made sure we were fully packed, then headed to the bride's parent's place for a goodbye brunch.

I had to pop by the beach one more time and grab a shell for Gwen!

It was nice to have one more chance to conversation before ending the weekend. I really have the best family.

After a bit it was time to head to the Lehigh Valley and my parent's place, just for one night. Then Monday my parent's and got some brunch before I got back on the train to make my way to the airport. Thanks to a cancelled coffee date, I had a lot of extra time to kill, so I walked all over the airport looking for exactly what food I wanted to take on the plane. Then to combat an aching back (my bag might have been small, but it was not light!), I did some airport yoga!

The flight itself was fine. We hit some turbulents both ways (though I tried to sleep through them on the way there), and I've realized that however much I do it, flying will never be my favorite. I'm fine, and looking at me I don't think you would suspect I was anything but breezy the whole time... but really, I tense the first time shake or bounce in the air, and I don't relax until after we land. That said, I'm so grateful to be able to take these flights, so I won't complain!

Trav and Gwen were waiting to pick me up when I arrived, and we headed home. I miss Pennsylvania and my crazy lovely familoy already, but it's really good to be back.

That said, see you in July, East Coast!!

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