Beer and Bacon, and Bumblebees

Its not officially summer for almost another month, but by the end of May it starts to feel very much like summer. Memorial Day kicks it off unofficially, especially since this year that is Gwen's first day of summer break, but Trav's birthday (Monday) always seems to call it forth. The impending season has its place, but has never been my favorite. It has always been just a bit too hot and dry for me (especially here in Colorado).

However, I will recall some of my favorite things. There's the feeling of freedom... this lingering sense that adventure awaits. It definitely starts in the spring for us, warmer weather signals camping trips ahead and new places to explore; but that freedom peaks in the summer, before we slowly settle into our winter hibernation. There's the wildlife and their song. The birds awake in the spring, but as we approach summer, they bring forth babies who join in the chorus for the warmer months. I love big fat bumblebees, swooping along their own paths; not little ones, but the round one, full on summer clover, buzzing with contented hard work.

I won't say that I anticipated summer (though there are plenty of trips that I'm anticipating), but now that were on the cusp, I'm ready to dive in.

I'm flying back from Pennsylvania Monday (for the second time this month!), but Trav celebrated his birthday a little early this year. It worked out well that the weekend between my trips held the Beer and Bacon festival, which I bought him tickets for and sent him off with a friend. It was a much needed break for him, and some time together for Gwen and I.

He had a great time and it was nice for him to have some alone time too between full-time Daddy duty! I'm so grateful for all he does for us, and for him holding down the fort so well while I took these trips.

Happy Birthday Trav! And Happy Summer... soon enough.

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