Not So Wordless Wednesday {Trees and Thoughts on Pennsylvania}

The weirdest thing about my trip to Pennsylvania was how not weird it was. I swear in some ways it was like no time had passed, and by day 3 of my trip there, it felt as if Colorado might not even really exist. I literally had trouble remembering what our day-to-day life was like here. It was all so surreal.

It was rejuvenating too. I forgot how green it is there, how I know those trees, and I felt at home in them immediately.

But it wasn't the same all the same. I steal an hour here or there with people I used to have days with, I walk a city that is so familiar but is changing constantly and full of things I don't know anymore, and I know that even if we returned it wouldn't be to the same house, the same jobs, the same life. That's a good thing of course, but its is ... odd. 

It was okay leaving, knowing I'd be back in less then two weeks (I head back tomorrow night!), even though most of the coming trip will be spent in New Jersey. It think it will actually be way easier to be able to visit with a large part of my family there, where I have no particular ties, where I can just enjoy the visit instead of feeling like I'm being pulled back into a former life!

I need these trips to the East Coast, they strengthen my roots. I do wonder though if I'll ever get to the point where I don't feel torn between two worlds?


  1. Having left PA to live in Virginia for 10 years and then moving back, I can tell you this: The oddity of it wears off with time and soon enough you'll feel at home in both worlds. I can't explain it any better then that.

    1. Thank you. It really is good to hear that!


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