bitch bitch bitch - moan moan moan...

I'm frustrated today...

frustrated with the lady at possible reception site #2 whom just doesn't seem to get what I want her to send me. but she's a nice lady, and i know she means well. i just wish she would take 30 extra seconds to reread my email, because honest to god i couldn't be clearer. what is making this frustration worse is the fact that I think site #2 will end up being too expensive, and i like that place more.

frustrated that this wedding is stressing me out so much and that i feel like i'm doing it by myself. i have the best bridesmaids in the world and i'm not wanting more from them... but i feel like getting Trav to make a decision is damn near impossible. i know that it takes a lot of resolve, a lot of dedication to something that you won't see return on for such a long time... but i get tired of it too and i wish i didn't have to ask him for every little thing, but that he would just offer some of it on his own.

frustrated that work is work, and that my train ride is longer then ever.

frustrated that we don't have the money to have more freedom within our budget so that instead we have to stress about each individual thing.

okay, i have a lot to get done.

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