blue day... god i love it

Do you see? Do you? Do you?

If not, refresh... and refresh again!!

It's exciting. And new. And a good change.
Everyone needs one of those somethimes. :-)

Tamara is a goddess... visit her at and tell her how great she is! Yayayay!

Days like this are wonderful. Sure it is a Thursday, but I got to come in late. Like 11:45 late. Sure I didn't leave work until 8:30 yesterday, and because my train was an hour late I didn't get home until 10. But that doesn't matter because today I slept in!! And watched Nash Bridges!! (I should not brag about that should i?) And I got to come in late!! And be surprised by my page redesign being done!! I love this...
Today I will not think about depressing things because it is a good day.

Later addition:
I have decided to take part in


Why? Why not?!

Honestly, I found two old pictures, one of myself and one of Trav, which I would have no reason to show other then that we are half naked (no, you don't get to see anything naughty, except for two of my five kickin tattoos). We do however, happen to be horribly sunburned.

You think that is bad... look at his.

Honestly, we both wore sunscreen... but it was just a lot longer of a day at the beach then we had anticipated (and he is Irish, with Irish - aka pasty - skin).

Okay, your turn!


  1. Holy Shit !?!!!!! Is Travis alive?

  2. Niiiiiiiiice new blue page. I wish I could jazz up mine but I'm too busy/lazy. Nice tats. I'm thinking about joining in on HNThursdays but I don't want it to skankify my semi-wholesome page that my family reads. (Not that it in any way skankifies your page!)


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