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Well, its tuesday morning... which this week is my friday. I took tomorrow off and work is closed thursday and friday, so I have a 5 day weekend to look forward to as soon as I get thru today. And I have plenty to keep me busy today.

Yesterday evening I took the train out to Exton, as Travis and I had an appointment in West Chester at the Holiday Inn, where it looks like we have finally decide to have our wedding. It's not my dream place, but its nice, and the rooms are nice, and they are really working with us on the pricing. However, if we weren't so set on it, we probably would have told them to "go f*ck themselves" yesterday, since we showed up for our meeting (which had already been rescheduled), and there was no person there to meet us. R, whom is our contact there and we were supposed to meet first on thursday, then yesterday at 6:15, didn't show. He hasn't emailed, hasn't called, nothing. We were/are not happy, to say the least. I figure, if I don't get an email by the time the day is done, he's going to get an angry one from me.

But at least, in the end the night was not a complete disappointment. We used the opportunity to stop at a sushi restarant on the way home and eat a nice relaxing dinner. Trav treated me because he's just that much of a sweetie. Then we headed home, watched a little football, and off to bed.

I'm very excited for tonight... well, basically everything after work today. Tonight we are meeting Mike and Megan to finally see the new Harry Potter movie. I can not wait! I'm definitely a bit HP obsessed. I just think they are such great books, they really suck you into the story... you constantly are looking forward to what happens next, and the wait between books is excruciating! The movies are so well done too.

Tomorrow we will get to sleep in a bit, then a visit from the RotorRooter guy to hopefully clear up our little leak problem, then just relaxing and preparing for Thanksgiving at my parents (packing, picking up some yummy wine, getting all the stuff out of my car, gasing up, etc). Thursday morning we head up...
And then there will be the eating! Oh, I love the eating! Turkey, mashed potatoes and homemade gravy, cranberry sauce, crescent rolls, beans, pie, etc. etc. etc.! Everything is always so good, and we all eat so much. It will be hard, as it will be the first trip to my parents since Kelly died, but it will be so good to spent the family time together, and see some longtime family friends that will be joining us.

Friday at some point we will be heading back home (unless we decide to stay a second night, but probably not)... then, after all that, we still have the weekend left!! I'm not sure yet what we will be doing for the weekend, but I'm sure we'll figure something out.

So, as you can probably tell, I still don't have pictures to show you. I'm so lazy about doing it. But, it will give you something to look forward to... as I probably won't be blogging for the next few days.

So until next time, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

ps. Much love to Tamara... I love my site more and more everyday (even if you brats have not said a damn word either way)!! Thanks chickie!!

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