hump day... struggling up...

It's definitely a Wednesday deserving of its nicname... this is one Hump of a Day to get thru. I'm tired, and so distracted. Can't even really figure out why I'm so out of it today. I slept fine last night... normal, nothing obscene like a few nights ago. But I'm just in another world, can't focus, near impossible to get work done at an adequite pace. I will definitely be taking a walk post lunch to try and clear my head, and then refocus. Sometimes all you need is a way to step out of it for a few minutes so that you can start fresh.

Tonight should be a quiet night. We were supposed to have dinner guests, but something came up so they had to postpone.

So twice now we have found water in our basement. We were worried it was from a broken pipe and that it was from when we showered. Experimented last night, but turns out to not be so. Hopefully it was a fluke or a neighbors problem and will not reoccur.

Looking forward to 3 days off for Thanksgiving... 2 days the office is closed, and I took off another so we could get down to DC a bit earlier. Excited both to see my Uncle, and for the vacation time. 2 more weeks.

Okay, eats time. Wish me luck to make it thru today!

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