TFGIFF...F!!! (if you can't figure it out, all i did was add my favorite four letter word a few times)

Today is a big day in the blogger world...
First, everyone must head over to Poop and Boogies, to learn Bill and Lauren's secret, and congratulate them accordingly. Very exciting news.
Oh, and do me a favor and figure it out yourself... don't cheat and just read the comments.

Secondly, if you all have been searching for that perfect Christmas present for me, and just can't figure it out (wedding stuff always accepted)... dooce dot com is once again here to save the day. This, my friends, is all i want for Christmas.

Thirdly, just for shits and giggles... head to the Chattababy site to check out their rocking new masthead. Fun for the whole family. Everyone needs a cause to unite for.

Today is great. Not only is it friday, but it is the friday of Lehigh/Lafayette. For those of you who did not attend either Lehigh or Lafayette... this is a BIG week. Saturday is the biggest game of the year for us, not because of standing or playoffs or any of that, but because this is our biggest rivalry... and the most played rivalry in college football. We are nationally known for our rivalry. It is actually an entry requirement at both schools that you hate the other (okay, i exaggerate... but close enough). Because of all this, it has become a week long celebration of drunken debauchery. Due to my graduation, it has been, for me (and most alumni), reduced to a weekend long celebration of semi-drunken not so much debauchery... but it is still big (HUGE), and it is still great. So many alumni come back to visit (i'm talking alumni from the 50s, that are still coming back almost yearly), its almost like a reunion weekend. I'm very excited... and I'm sure I'll have some great pictures to show upon my return.

Here are two from about two years ago, to get you in the mood:

Johnson and I finding a new and inspired way to play beirut. The disadvantages far outweighed the advantages. And laughing about it afterwards.

On that note, its time to get this day going, so that I can get on with the weekend!


  1. I like the new look. It took me a day or two to decide. I love beirut.

  2. ACK!!! I didn't read Poop and Boogies in a couple days and I can guess what their big secret is!!! ACK ACK I can't believe I heard it from you first! Must head over there post haste.

    My dad went to Lehigh so I am VERY familiar with Lehigh/Lafayette weekend. Nice ass there.


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