this is so not November.

Has anyone else noticed that it is November 16th and it is in fact 69 degrees out?! I just don't get it, I really don't. Although I do appreciate the mood lifter that it provides.

Monday Kelly was buried... this is what my dad wrote me about it:
it was as good a day as we could have wished for under the circumstances. digging in our soil is very hard work and ethan & i did it side by side. we talked throughout the work & during the couple breaks we took. we cried some & laughed some....all in all a very good way to take those 1st little steps forward. just wish you & mom could have been there with us through the day.

mom came home from work a little early so we could bury kelly before dark. i uncovered kelly's face so mom could say a last goodbye....she looked as beautiful as ever & just like she was asleep. i had done this for ethan earlier...when we were finished digging & before i laid her down. i covered kelly back up & as we stood around her grave we each tossed in one of the mums i had cut. then i read aloud (as best i could while crying) that poem i included in the e-mail the other day... afterwards dropping it in with her. mom shared a few thoughts & recollections that came to her during the day and then as we were about to start covering her up ethan asked us to wait and ran off to the house. he came back a minute later with one last snausage treat & with a smile dropped it in for our sweet pup. then we all worked together to cover her. again we all wished you could have been here in body... but we all (including kelly) knew you were here in spirit. at least you & travis had some good time with her almost to the end... that was a blessing!

it really was a good time....a good start to closure....but just a start. we're all still going to have good times and sad times....but as time passes....slowly but surely the good memories and feelings will outnumber the sad ones.

Okay, I won't bore/depress anyone with more details of Kelly. I don't really want to talk about it anymore anyway. When I do feel like crying about it (which I do everytime I read the above), I have wonderful Travis - who listens and hugs me. He is great.

So today is a pretty normal day... besides the weather, and I have to stay late. There is a study group in the library (of our office), held by one of our scholars this evening. I have to stay to make sure everything runs smoothly, and to lock up the office when all is said and done... which probably won't be until around 8ish. Long day, but atleast I'll pretty much be able to do what I want to kill time after 5. I'll probably sit in on the meeting from its start at 4 until about 5ish, then after Miyano leaves, sit at her desk in the front and wait for the dinner to arrive. I'll eat, and then just kill time until it is over. At least there is a good dinner... ceasar salad, salmon, the best garlic bread EVER, and mini deserts. Yum.

Tomorrow Trav & I meet with a reception place for the second time, and will hopefully sign all the paperwork to officially book it. That will be a relief, we are behind on this stuff. Then Friday it is up to Lehigh for Lehigh/Lafayette weekend!!! Very exciting. It will be awesome to see everyone. This is one of the biggest weekends of the year for Lehigh, so alumni poor in en masse. Plus, it will be exciting to see all the newly engaged people and newlyweds too.

Also, hopefully by this weekend you will have a surprise when you come to visit me... I won't say more, but I'm excited for the change.

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  1. Did you chose a reception place yet? I'm behind in my blog reading. We had ours at Drexelbrook in Drexel Hill and it was awesome and affordable. I hear it has been upgraded and has gotten a little more expensive lately though.


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