okay, i'm better

So happy that tomorrow is Friday. Day 4 of Septa strike, and no hope in sight (or so the paper read). I'm not minding as long as I keep getting to leave early. Yay.

Sorry I was in a bad mood yesterday. I think we are on the right track now, and just so you all know... you don't have to worry because I have the best fiance in the world. Make that the best significant other, because he is not just good at being a fiance, but he is good at being there for me no matter the title. He is so wonderful.

Ro, if you read this we got the following for tomorrow night: broccoli, carrots, cuccumber, celery, popcorn, pepperoni (trav's making his pepperoni dip), cheese, crackers, chips and salsa, salad (with we'll make with grilled chicken and you can do your own dressing), a Brita (we wanted one anyway... :-) lol), lunch meats, hmm... what else, well i'm sure there is more, but i wanted to let you know in case there was anything else you wanted. I'm mucho excited (especially for the wine, oh i love wine)!!
Oh, and "the stuff" has arrived!! They look good too.

Trav and I watched "Sideways" last night. Good movie! Highly amusing, and I love the end... how it's just like his novel. I'm not a Merlot fan either... okay I won't lie, don't really like many red wines... oh well. Enjoyed the part where Stephanie beats the crap out of Jack. Very rewarding since I wanted to do that the whole movie. Anyone else enjoy this one?

Okay, time for work.

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