I'm having a day. An ugh day. The kind of day where things just don't seem to go right, and you're always just slightly on the verge of exploding. I woke up with a back that was so dry (well, a tattoo on my back) that I looked like someone had flayed me during the night. I ended up taking a towel (one of our "trash" towels) and gently rubbing it back and forth on my back to flake off some of the zillions of pieces of dried skin that were sticking up from my back. In the shower I also used a loofah with extra-moisturizing wash to dislodge some more pieces and try to sooth what was still attached. Then when I got out of the shower, I twisted and turned and did my best to put lotion on my tattoo... I looked like a damned contortionist, but still don't know if I got all parts of my tattoo. So, I'm a little uncomfortable. All in all, it worked with semi-success, but the extra time before, during, and after my shower really threw me off. I was running late and had to rush through everything else. Then my phone rings... and it turns out my coworker, who mans the front desk, will be out today because her son is sick (and another is already out on a prearranged trip). We have finance committee and an executive committee meetings today. So I have to handle the things she normally does. She already ordered the food, but it shows up about an hour and a half early. I don't know who to be annoyed with... her or the caterer. Hopefully by the time lunch actually rolls around the sandwiches won't be soggy. Not to mention, she didn't order extra water, so hopefully we'll have enough for everyone. Ugh. Plus one of our printers wasn't working correctly. I just feel like a chicken with its head cut off, running in all directions.

::big sigh::

Okay, enough of that. I really shouldn't complain too much. Dispite today being an off day, things have been good lately. Sunday finished off nicely. I headed into the city and had a relaxing evening just relaxing and watching the boobtube. Monday's event, while long, went well. And yesterday I had a really nice dinner with Vadim, one of my friends from high school that I reconnected with just a few months ago. We met for dinner one time before, at the same place (1225 Raw)... and it was just as good this time as last time. I got the miso soup, a salmon avocado roll, two pieces of mut-su sushi, and a Binny roll... all of which was great, and completely stuffed me (I couldn't even finish the binny). I'm sure we'll be back there again.

Well, I definitely have to get back to work. Tons to do... but I feel better for my break and venting.

Have a great day!!

Ps. Did you know that today is one year since the Virginia Tech incidents? It's crazy how quickly time passes.

Pps. In something completely random... I think this is the cutest, dorkiest proposal. What do you think? Cute?

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