out like a lamb...

Wait, that's March, isn't it?
Well, in either case... this last weekend of April was a bit chilly and blustery. But it was all bark and no bite, as we didn't get the predicted storms, just a bit of rain during the night on Saturday, and a lot of chill. Oh well.

So the weekend. Well, Trav made us some fried rice... which was so much better then the stuff you get in a takeout container. You just can't beat fresh, homemade.
(Quick recipe: freshly boiled rice sauted up in a pan with butter, onion, an egg, and some seasonings... I think Trav used pepper, seasoning salt, some soy sauce, and garlic. Easy and goooood.)

Saturday I had a hair appointment, so I headed up and relaxed with my parents a bit first. I hung out with them a bit afterwards too... so I ended up being gone a lot of the day. We figured at $3.53 a gallon, that I should make the trip worth the gas!! That night we headed to Media to grab some dinner with Ro & Pat at the Iron Hill Brewery. It was really nice and we gave Ro her birthday presents a bit early (birthday is on Friday) since we weren't sure if we would get to meet up with them next weekend or not. We got Ro a new wok, and I got her a magazine subscription. She seemed quite pleased. :-) Dinner was really nice too. I got the Harvest salad... which is seasonal greens with spiced pecans, apples, poached pears, dried cherries, gorgonzola cheese and a sherry-maple vinaigrette. It was wonderful and made me think of fall.

Sunday I walked with Ro. And I did manage to do some cleaning and sorting also. Still so much to do... but at least all the dishes are washed, and the pile of laundry is gone from our bedroom floor! Next step is the guest bedroom, which just recently has turned into a disaster area. So much junk to sort through there.

In any case, the weekend was nice. Low-key. Relaxing. All in all, what Trav and I both needed. He's doing a little better, but he's still really sad. I'm hoping Amy's viewing/memorial on Wednesday will give him some closure.

Today, well today I'm freezing. And feeling oddly melancholy & wistful... not really sure why. I guess its just one of those grey days that brings out the odd emotions.

So not to leave you on that down note, I want to offer up one more (new) picture of my new tattoo... it looks even nicer now that it is healed up. The colors are brighter and you can see the shading even more without my skin being all red and irritated underneath! Plus, now there's no blood!

I do love how it is turning out!

Okay, off to work I go...

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