the great dish rack dilemna

So yesterday ended up being a lot nicer then it started out... warm, sunny... and oh, the blossoms!

So beautiful. Yay, spring!!

When I got home, Trav and I ate a quick dinner... then ran out to Target to return a plastic tray he had bought for under our dish rack. It was too small, and didn't work.
A little back story: See we have a huge dish rack... which is good because, as we don't have a dishwasher, we need a large dishrack to dry all of our dishes. We've had this dishrack for years, but never had the plastic tray for under it. We had just rigged something up with towels... it worked, but maybe wasn't the most sanitary way of doing things. So recently Trav decided that we needed to get a more permanent solution (although honestly, after three years, I would consider our old solution pretty permanent... c'est la vie). This was not as easy as it seemed as even the larges trays we could find didn't fit under our honkin big rack... but I did not want to give up the monster.

Well, fast forward to last night, returning our second tray with no larger options in sight... I broke down and decided that we would just get a new damn rack. But it had to be big, and it had to be two-tiered. Target didn't have any that met our specifications.... Bed Bath and Beyond had one. It cost $50. That's no typo, 5-0 for a rack to dry dishes on. Farking $50 on a dish rack, and it wasn't even the most expensive option!! I can't quite get over this. And what does a $50 dish rack look like?

It's actually kind of stylish... right?

And it holds a good number of dishes. Not as many as our old rack... but I guess it will do. Plus, it doesn't need the plastic tray underneath because it has a little spout thing instead.

Now how long do I have to use this thing before we can say we got $50 worth of wear out of it?

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