sad day

One of Travis' coworkers, Amy, lost her three year battle with cancer early this morning. I'm heartbroken for him and the other people in his office. She was a wonderful, sweet, funny woman... a real spitfire... and I know he must be hurting right now as he definitely considered her a friend. If you could send your thoughts and prayers their way, it would be much appreciated.

I don't have much else I want to say right now. It doesn't seem right to. In fact, its so tempting to just want to leave, go home, do something to comfort my husband. I'm not getting work done at the moment anyway due to the drilling, hammering, and occational cursing coming from the front of our office (aka just one thin wall away from me)... apparently there was a leak they needed to fix.

In anycase, I'll be back after the weekend. Hopefully today brings better things to you guys.

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  1. hey babe - ready your baby saga. tell trav that if everyone waited to have kids until they had X amount saved, and had accomplished x,y, and z no one would have any kids! it will just happen, and you'll be ready and make it work.

    sorry for your loss. hope all is well.


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