Reason #34108 why my husband is a good man:

Remember how I wrote this just a few days ago:

As for today, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm nice and awake even though I am on a routine for killer cramps that involves taking 400 mg of ibuprofen ever four hours around the clock (so at 2, 6, 10... yes, even 2 in the morning). I just set the alarm on my phone and leave the two pills by my bed... at 2 I turn off the alarm, swallow the pills, and I'm back asleep before I realize I'm awake. :-) It seems to be working too.
Well apparently this arrangement hasn't been working out as nicely for Trav. Apparently it woke him up the first night, so I tried lowering the volume. Second nice, woke him up again and he didn't get back to sleep. So I changed the alarm ring. Third night, last night, was hopefully more successful... I think he only half woke up. But still that's three nights of interrupted sleep... and he hasn't offed me yet. He's a good man.

I feel really horrible, and if my cramps weren't so bad, I would forget about the whole thing. But honestly the difference this has made so far is amazing (its the difference between feeling only twinges, and having cramps that put me in the fetal position), so I'm hoping he won't hold it against me. I really do feel horrible about it though. My poor beau. :-(

In other news, on Monday I got a neat picture frame that is actually six frames in one. We have all these great pictures from our travels, and I wanted a place to display a few of them all together. So I got this:

Ugh, its a horrible picture, so don't bother enlarging it or anything. But at least it gives an idea. There are three pictures from Cabo, three from Ireland (well, I did stick two picture in one spot because I really wanted both in there! they were facing the wrong direction anyway, so it worked), and one of me in China. I think it turned out nicely. Agree?

I got to leave work early yesterday so I could miss the post-work rush at the polls. I headed straight from the trainstation to my local polling location, and was in and our in about 10 minutes. So I completed my civic duty. :-) Now we'll just have to see how much of effect these results have!

Okay, back to work for me. Ciao!

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