things that get me stupidly excited

1. Waiting for things in the mail. I ordered something for Trav for his birthday, and something for Ro for when she gets pregnant, and a recipe box (so cute!) with recipe cards for me. I'm equally excited for all three... although there is special appeal to the last one since it means I get to write out all the recipes from loose pieces of paper onto nice cards and actually be able to find all the recipes I want, when I want them! Yay!

2. When its warm out and I can wear sandles and long dresses. Love to feel warm after a whole winter of being chilly. I have to enjoy this too, because you know in a month or two I'm going to be melting from the heat. ;-) Plus, I love this because its gets Trav in the mood to get outside and walking too. The past two nights we've taken walks after work.

3. The fact that we pushed up babymaking time a bit from the last time I wrote about it. LOL. Its still a bit away, but much closer then before. Yay!

4. That its almost Friday. Hallelujah!

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