hey hey, friday

Yesterday was just so lovely. Warm and sunny. Trav cut the grass for the first time this year, and it smelled wonderful!! There is no smell quite like freshly cut grass. Even better? BBQ some steaks right after you cut the grass. Mmmm....

Today is also supposed to be around 70 again, but with some rain. I'm actually really looking forward to a thunderstorm tonight/this weekend. We haven't had a good one in a bit.

This weekend should be busy, but fun. Tomorrow we're heading up to Lehigh early so Trav can attend a meeting at Psi U, and I'm going to hang out until 12:30, when I have a tattoo appointment! I'm finally going to get some color in my back piece... about three hours worth. Hopefully it will be enough to finish it off, but we'll see! After that we're heading back home, then hopping on the train into the city to visit Apoc and Jon (who is in town this weekend). The plan is to order a pizza, relax and catch up. Then Sunday night I'll be heading into the city again to spend the night since we have an event on Monday for work which starts early.

I really don't have a lot to type about at the moment... and not much time anyway. So so busy catching up at work. But there are four large entries from this week just below this one, and I would love some comments on them! :-)

xoxo Have a great weekend!!

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