15th, August

Nothing like a birthday to make one feel loved and appreciated! :-) I've received emails, cards, and phonecalls... and it's only 10:00! I have great friends and great family. Here's one email from the long, funny exchange that my family had going on this morning:

Wray, I thought you might say that your first memory of Megan was when Drew & I traveled to DC to visit you. After dinner we went to see "The Border" at the theater. Unfortunately, I only saw the opening credits and spent the remainder of the time in bathroom and on the floor of the lobby when Drew came out to check on me. As we were driving home, I said you had better pull over, which you did and I proceeded to throw up on the lawn of the Pentagon. One might say that this was Megan's first political statement!
L, M.

Love it.

Yesterday Jan bought me lunch for an early b-day gift (she is in FL today), and told me to spend whatever money I had left on whatever I wanted. I got myself a cute shirt on sale at the Old Navy. I also had an appointment to get a free hand/arm massage and makeup application from Origins. I love that store, and it was very nice and relaxing.
It made for a busy day though, hence no post.

(My makeup did, with and without glasses.)

Tonight we have dinner with Ro & Pat to celebrate, and tomorrow we're heading up to my parents. Other then that, I'll be walking and we'll probably try to work on the room some. It should be a great weekend.

Wednesday night we went to the Home Depot and spend about 2 hours and almost $400 there! Except for floor waxing stuff we should have everything we need to finish the room. Some pictures:

Part of the patching we did Tuesday night.
Some ceiling patching.
Where the baseboards ripped away the plaster... it's like this all around the room, and we got materials to fix that, so that the wainscoting has something to attach to. We did one wall last night, hopefully we'll get the rest done this weekend.

Our 5 gallons of paint, primer, and ceiling paint!
Our wainscoting all stacked up and ready to go... you can also see our ceiling fan and the light attachment for it.

Well, that's about all to report for now. Off to work for me so I can get all my stuff done and take the early train home, get my weekend started a little early! :-)

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