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This weekend was so long and tiring and fun and tiring and still too short, of course, but did I mention tiring? Friday we ended up putting off the watching of No Country for Old Men because we had some chores to get done that took longer then we thought, and we didn't want to miss the new episodes of Monk and Psych. Trav had to cut back all the weeds etc that were growing outside of our fence, but still technically in our yard back by the little alley that runs behind our house. I went to help, but was only out for maybe 2 minutes and got 16 bug bites! It was ridiculous, you could see all these little black flies on my legs, so Trav sent me inside. Ugh. So he finished the yard, and I did dishes and laundry... scratching all the while! After we decided that the movie would have to wait, we watched an X-files instead... then our shows while playing some more Scrabble (we're real party animals!) before heading to bed around 11:30.

Saturday I had to get my ass up at 5:45 to leave the house by 6 so that I could get to King of Prussia by a little before 7 (with a pit stop for gas... $3.87!! Woo-hoo!) to attend a training walk followed by an expo for the 3-day walk. The expo was pretty neat... got to see one of the tents, get advice on fundraising, and some more info on packing. The training walk beforehand though, well it was supposed to be 10... which was already annoying since their training program said 12 miles for Saturday. Care to follow your own training schedule guys? But, I figured two miles was easy enough to make up... except that there was some lightning in the area, so we ended up now going out for the walk until close to 8 (instead of 7). And at that point they didn't want us to get too far away from the expo location in case the lightning came back... so instead of the 10-mile route, we did a mile loop... over and over and over. And with an hour less, well I only got about 7 miles in. I was a little peeved. I mean, I'm a big girl... I should get some say in what I'm comfortable doing. But anyway, the expo was good, so I'll let it go.

After that I headed home, ate, showered, and then Trav and I headed out to Ro & Pat's (with a quick stop at Spenser's for some naughty gifts first). Trav stayed there with the boys for our friend George's bachelor party, and Ro & I headed out to visit with another girlfriend in West Chester (who's husband was also attending the bachelor party). Their place is really cute and in a GREAT location, just off the main street in West Chester, and an easy walk to tons of restaurants and bars. We relaxed for a bit first, watched PS. I Love You (review below), then headed out to dinner at Teca. I loved this place... lots of entrees to choose from, but also a ton of appetisers and sides, making it easy to do a tappas-style meal, which is what we did. Between the three of use we devoured a 7 cheese plate, a 3 meat plate, an order of Prosciutto & Melone, a plate of curly fries, an order of Olive Ascolane, and an order of bruschette. Plus Kerry & I split a bottle of wine (a very nice Vernaccia). After that we headed to another restaurant/bar down the road where they had a guy playing guitar and singing. So we listened to music and hung out for a bit more. By that time it was almost midnight, and the pregnant woman was about to fall asleep in our booth (I wasn't far behind either!), so we headed back to Kerry & Jeremy's apartment. We were probably in bed by 12:30ish.

Man was I a tired girl the next day! Between the drinking that I don't normally do, the waking up a few times that night to pee, and then waking up for good at 6:30... well I was not too energized. I got maybe 10 hours between friday and saturday nights, when I am definitely a girl that needs her 8 hours a night! Ro & I left a bit after 7 (Kerry is an early riser, so we got to say goodbye first), picked up some donuts and coffee for the boys, and headed back to her place. We ate some and talked to the guys for a bit, then got changed and headed to our walking place around 9:30. I had planned to do 12 miles to make up for all I missed on Saturday, but we were both just so tired that we did 6 and decided that was enough!! One weekend of not meeting my milage won't kill my training, so I just shrugged it off. Plus, its all about listening to your body, and mine was saying a big "No Way!". I'm pretty sure the only reason we made it as far as we did was because Sunday was pretty beautiful weather-wise! A high of 84*, very little (well, relatively) humidity, and a great breeze. Lovely. We headed back to her place, ate some lunch, then I grabbed my boy and he & I headed home. There was no way we were doing anything, so we just settled in with some DVDs. First No Country for Old Men (review below), then about 5 episodes of X-files! We were in bed by 9:30, and I was asleep about 15minutes later and didn't wake once until this morning. I feel a bit better after 9 hours... I think I'll need another good night of sleep before I'm back to 100% though. Luckily Monday is the official day of rest for my walk training, so I'll have a relaxing night tonight.

So that was our weekend! Our long, tiring, but very fun weekend.

As for the movies (skip below if you don't want to read spoilers):

PS. I Love You
I previously read, and really enjoyed, this book. It's touching, funny, sweet, sad, and entertaining. The movie is all of those as well. I cracked up, and I definitely cried. I was initially a bit disappointed in a few things that they changed from book to movie (ex. making Holly's family just her, her mom, and her sister - the big family stuff in the book was great and made for entertaining side stories)... but I got used to the differences (another big one being that it was set in the states instead of Ireland), and enjoyed the movie very much. I loved Hilary Swank in this, and Gerard Butler. I also love the character William (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and thought that Harry Connick Jr's Daniel was hilarious. While there are laughs, this is definitely a more sober movie over all... and its definitely a bit of a chick flick! A romantic story about finding yourself and new love after losing your "one true love." If you are in the mood to laugh and cry, I would definitely recommend this movie.

No Country for Old Men
Wow, where to start with this one. When the credits rolled, Trav and I just looked at each other and said, well that was interesting. This is not a movie to watch if you want your story to have a beginning, middle, and nicely wrapped up ending. They do not tie a bow on this one... but they don't really leave you hanging either. If you asked me to tell you the storyline for this movie, I could do that easy enough (man finds money, other men want their money back, hired killer goes after man, man is killed in the end - with plenty in between)... but if you asked me to tell you what this movie is really about, what it is trying to say, well that is a whole different thing. Javier Bardem is amazing in this movie... his character is so evil, just the epitome of violence. Bardem said, "I think the movie speaks of a lack of meaning in violence. I embody violence, I am violence itself in the movie, and there is a man . . . who is trying to understand the meaning of it and at the end there is no meaning." And I think that really sums up the movie. It's a modern day Western, whose meaning is no meaning. See it.

Well, I should get to work.... but before I run, this weekend also meant the official introduction of the newest Jolie-Pitt babies to the world. :-) You know how much I love this stuff. So here's the picture!
And the news here and here.

Okay, now I'm really going to get back to work.
Have a great day!

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