I got my IUD out last night. We're not going to try yet, we'll use condoms for a bit... but its a step in that direction, and I'm really happy about it. This is the first time my body has been birth control free (no hormones or foreign bodies) for about 7.5 years. It was a decision we made together too, obviously, and was a pleasant surprise for me that Trav really did want me to get it out.

As for the removal itself, for those of you wondering, it was so much easier then insertion. It only took about 10 minutes from undressing to redressing, and it was just a gentle pull to get it out. It felt weird at the time she was pulling it out (I could feel it coming out), but no pain, and today I feel completely normal.

Now that is probably all I will say about babies for a while because I really don't want it to be obvious when we do start trying (especially if it takes us a bit, who wants that pressure!), and I probably won't "share" when we do get pregnant until the end of the first trimester. Of course, we'll see how long I last.

So, now you know my news. :-)

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