So, last night was a bit better on the house repair side of things. We took stock of where we are, what we have, and made a bit of a plan for our "next steps"... then we cleaned up the bottom of the walls a bit where the baseboard removal turned into a partial wall removal because apparentely, old plaster really likes to crumble. Very reasuring.

Tonight we fix some cracks and a hole, and if not tonight, then definitely soon we'll be making a shopping trip for some more repair items. I think our new plan of attack is to repaint the ceiling, change out the light fixture for the ceiling fan, paint the walls, polish up the floors, put up wainscoting. You know what they say about plans, but these seem pretty realistic.

Dinner was also fabu, in case you were wondering. I have a container of this with me for lunch today... and its taking all my willpower not to go eat it right now.

So good. Last night with spinach and sausage.


Today is quiet, but otherwise normal. The boss is coming in late, which makes for a very easy morning. But lots to do, so I better get to it. Have a good one!

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