Olympics and optimistics... :-)

It's things like this that make me sad the Olympic games are on mostly too late for me to watch. I always loved them, especially the gymnastics and swimming, but especially to see the USA shatter a world record like that in such an amazing pull from behind victory! The anchor on our team was absolutely amazing!

Last night was tiring, but very productive. I walked, we ate dinner, then it was up to the guest bedroom to work. We patched cracks and one big hole in the ceiling (don't ask), and finally got off the last bit of baseboard that we needed to remove. It was on the wall with the radiator, which means it couldn't just be pulled off... no nails had to be cut, the board itself had to be sawed into pieces before it could finally be removed. Tonight we have a big shopping list, then some sanding of said patching. Maybe we'll get around to starting the fixing of the area of wall that was behind the baseboards too. I'm feeling much more optimistic about the whole thing. :-)

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