i'm leaving on a jet plane

Finally it's Friday and tonight we get to leave for Cape Cod! 8 days of relaxing, reading (working through the Chronicles of Narnia at the moment), sleeping in, swimming, and just doing whatever we want, only if we want to! I'm obviously a bit excited. Plus the Quads are coming over to visit on Sunday, the first time I'll get to see them since they moved to Boston (a year ago!). This should be a great trip.

I meant to do up some blog entries to automatically pop up while I'm gone, but this week has been so crazy that I haven't even had time to post regular entries... so I did schedule three posts, but they are just cute pictures. Mostly to make me feel better then to actually get coming over. I'm sure I'll have a much more entertaining post when I return.

So I pretty much have to run off again, but two bullets first:
- Dermotologist appt yesterday and I switched from the two creams, a wash, a toner, and an antibotic that I was on to just two (different) creams... so now I'm safe for when we do decide to "make a baby." I'm also freakin thrilled to not have such a crazy routine... although we'll see how my face reacts!
- Found out where the 3-day walk is starting and ending... Willow Grove and Villanova respectively. Kind of neat that its ending by Willy's, and I'm excited to see where else we'll get to walk. I also ordered myself some shirts to wear for the walk... I'll take pictures when I get them.

Okay kids, I'll see you in 9ish days!

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